G. Explanation of Driving Question and Contextualization

Explanation of Driving Question
"How do pandemics affect our lives?"
We thought this question was excellent because it has a variety of answers that can be backed up by research. It is a relevant question based on the recent outbreak of swine flu, and something that every person will have to think about in their lives at one point or another. It is a question that leads to many other questions. It lends itself to interdisciplinary investigations involving history, geography, world cultures, math, science, and English. Students will have to consider the following while working on this project:

  • Do global pandemics affect our lives? In what ways do they affect them?
  • Can you prevent a pandemic from happening? If so, how?
  • What causes pandemics?
  • What can you do to prevent yourself from becoming ill with a pandemic disease?
  • How does disease spread?
  • If a pandemic traveled to your neighborhood, how would your daily life be changed?
  • What might the government have to do if a pandemic occurred in the United States?