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Dr. Larry Brilliant - 2006 TED Prize winner Dr. Larry Brilliant has spent his career solving the ills of today -- from overseeing the last smallpox cases to saving millions from blindness -- and building technologies of the future. Now, as executive director of, he's redefining how we solve the world's biggest problems.Dr. Larry Brilliant speaks

World Health Organization: "Pandemic Preparedness"
"Continuous global surveillance of influenza is key to the early detection of a virus with pandemic potential."

An Inside Look at the Flu: Beating the Flu Virus
It took one week for Holly to beat the flu. Her body has produced T-memory cells that will keep her from getting this identical virus again. If the virus mutates, the T-memory cells will not protect he

PBS **1918 Flu Pandemic** - The worst pandemic the United States has ever known...

Mad Virus

Try this game and get an idea of how viruses spread!